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We want to introduce the NETC

NETC is called National Evangelist Training Center

The NETC is in Amron / Papua New Guinea

Amron is located above the town Madang

The NETC trains Evangelists. The Training lasts for 3 Years. There are 3 classes of Students that come along with their women and children because of education. Here, the women will also receive an education that they can really use for the future missions. The training is conducted by local teachers and theologians, and is also usually present with a German theologian in Amron.

Pastor Hans Grauvogl is the Principal.





Amron has quietly celebrated its 80th anniversary in the context of the grading of students on November 28, 2014.

The hard sermon kept Pastor Luke Timoti from the church office in AMPO


On Amron you spent a great day with about 500 visitors from throughout Papua New Guinea. Many tears were cried goodbye and gave many good words along the way.


As a "good shepherds" (gutpelawasman) want our graduates do their duty.

They chose this theme as a motto.

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On the 70th Anniversary from Amron (2004) celebrates the Evangelical Church in Papua New Guinea.

In honor of the Evangelists, a memorial stone was dedicated.

Here the guests are on their way to Amron